On a recent trip to Sydney I spent some time with Grace who is a wonderful woman and friend. We had a great day and a laugh. It was a wonderful day. We also had a wonderful dinner. Grace has a heart of gold and a smile larger than a rainbow. Looking forward to our next date! Thank you Grace. Hugs, Stephen .
By Stephen
I met Grace for the first time last year. She greeted me with a lovely smile and a kiss on the cheek. She is such a beautiful woman. After a few minutes, there was no awkwardness between us. She is so easy to chat with. She has a nice shaped breasts and bum just like the pictures in her profile. Grace is a very affectionate lover. It started with her kisses, caresses and embrace. Then I took the initiative and started exploring her body. She has a nice toned body and I enjoyed kissing every bit of it. I was in seventh heaven. Thanks Grace for the wonderful time.
By Mark
To rate Miss. Jones on a scale of one to ten, she is eleven. Grace is truly a magnificent, intelligent, interesting and most of all beautiful lady. Having another encounter has been one of the most beautiful and intimate times I’ve ever had, totally unrivalled and always the greatest. Truly an angel and a gift from god himself
By Robert
Grace is quite simply stunning. Long blond hair, blue eyes and the most amazing figure! She's also a fabulously sensual person who puts you at ease immediately. Can't wait to see her again. Thank you Grace xxx
By Sean
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Grace for the first time last night. And suffice to say, it was an absolute whirlwind of an experience. An elegant lady that has both intelligence and cheekiness, with the face of an angel and the body most women can only dream of. Time stopped every moment her blue eyes met mine, and I can only feel my soul delving deeper into the World of Grace. Grace is THE perfect companion for any occasion and I guarantee one will only keep wanting for more.
By K
Grace is a most extraordinary young woman, warm, witty, intelligent and possessed of a poise and yes grace that belie her years. I first met grace several months ago and regret it has taken me so long to write this review, sometimes it takes time to find the perfect words, but how does one describe an incomparable treasure. Other reviewers have provided great descriptions of the woman and her service, let me add one more - indelible.
By Steve
"Fabulosity After another amazing session with the wonderful Gracie I was at a loss for words. Scouring the urban dictionary, I found a great new hip modern term that best describes her and time spent with her - Fabulosity. Gracie is just awesome. Sure, she's beautiful, sure she has the perfect petite toned body, sure she enjoys sex and is a gifted lover, sure she is smart, engaging and personable. I could go on. But it's the heady combination of all of these qualities, and more, that makes her unique and exceptional. I doubt there is a better courtesan or companion in Sydney. She makes you feel fantastic in a very genuine way. Your head knows she is the Dreamgirl for many, but your heart, in the moment, tells you your the only, special one. I love spending time with her. Today began with a gentle french kiss as I arrived at the door. A hug, a glass of wine, friendly banter catching up on lives lived well in the weeks since our last rendezvous. Occasional kisses as we chatted became more frequent and fevered. Hands roamed freely. We made tender love interspersed with bursts of more intense sex. As always it was great. In the interregnum between our lovemaking the friendly chat continued. Laughs were many, my chocolate and blue cheese dependencies sated too. If I sound enamoured, I am. And, as you will find out, with good reason. If only I were an internet billionaire, or the son of a media mogul. If so, I would spend as many moments with Gracie as I could find. My only concern for her is a very evident lingerie addiction. She baulked at my suggestion that she should try to match my annual $50 underwear budget at DJs. My clever response is that there would be no need for lingerie if she presented naked. Perhaps we shall try that next time! Enamoured"
By Enamoured
Like a kid on Christmas Eve, giddy with excitement and unable to sleep. That's how I feel in the days leading up to a booking with the amazing Grace Jones. And let me tell you something folks, when you wake up on Christmas morning there ain't no coal in your stockings, just a living room full of endless amounts of presents to unwrap! So go ahead and take a chance. Actually, scratch that, the word 'chance' implies a risk or gamble. Time spent with Grace is a guaranteed electrifying experience that I hope to have again and again...
By Walter
Simply Irresistible There have been many glowing reviews of Grace Jones and although it may appear that nothing more could be said about this wonderful lady there will always be more, as no meeting with Grace is ever the same. It is no understatement that Grace really does have it all. Sparkling blue eyes, a lovely and enticing smile, a stunning body that is always clad in the most sensuous dresses and sexy lingerie. This is all capped off by Grace’s easy manner and personality that makes any meeting flow so easily. Grace offers a true girlfriend experience and meetings with her have a natural progression that leads my emotions from calm relaxation to anticipation to the most pleasurable of delights. It is Grace’s ability to create this sense of anticipation and leading one down a logical path that keeps me coming back to her time and time again. I may find myself simply enjoying the contentment of chatting and being in her company when, just at the right time, Grace will make a (not so) subtle comment or action that changes my thoughts completely. The effect is so much more intoxicating and exciting because from past experience you know it is going to happen but never sure when. I met Grace recently while on a tour of my city and although I thought I had experienced every pleasure Grace could offer, I left our latest meeting having added to the already long list of pleasurable memories that Grace has provided for me since we first met. Grace greeted with that beautiful smile that brightens the entire universe and makes all ones worldly trouble disappear. This was accompanied by a mischievous look in those lovely blues eyes that promised many hours of pleasure and fun ahead. And from that moment on everything was sheer delight. We chatted over a light lunch, enjoyed a movie and cuddles on the lounge, engaged in a role play before ending our time in the bedroom. Grace ensured that each aspect brought something special to me but, in her discreet way, never let me forget at any stage where we were going to finish our meeting. Today’s meeting delivered all I expected and much more with Grace, as always, going to great lengths to anticipate and meet my desires in both her wardrobe and in activities within the meeting. If there is one disappointment in our meetings it is that no matter how long I book for, the time spent with Grace is always too short. I think the best compliment I can pay Grace is that although our time together produced so many wonderful moments and memories that far exceeded anything I could have hoped for I still wanted more, and even as I left I was already planning when I could next see her again.
By Keith